Hospital Information Management System (HIMS)

Hospital Information Management System (HIMS)



Project Overview

Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) is a comprehensive electronic system to support functions carried out in hospitals, developed by the Ministry of Health. Furthermore, the system facilitates automated information exchange between the eIMMR.The system is being developed at the National Cancer Institute as an in-house development. The project management and the technical support are given by a group of Health Informaticians, blending the essence of clinical experience with digital innovation. The ultimate aim of the system is to provide fully integrated care to the public by generating the clinical information needed for a life-long, longitudinal electronic health record system cost-effectively. The financial icon of the systems is the upfront saving of millions of rupees for the country by integrating in-house developed Radiology Information System & open-source PACS systems and digitalising medical images without the need to procure expensive software solutions. This digitalisation further reduces image printing costs and delays in urgent image requests.