Services Category: Subcommittes

Finance Subcommittee

Convenor: Dr. Nishan Siriwardena (Treasurer) The College must conduct effective fundraising projects to ensure that College activities are carried out in a professional and uninterrupted manner. As the SLCHI does not wish to seek sponsorship from pharmaceutical companies, the Finance subcommittee is responsible for the sustainability and transparency of financial activities of the College.

Membership Subcommittee

Convenor: Dr. Subhoda Manoj The Membership subcommittee is tasked with promoting the College membership among the professionals in health informatics. They are responsible for screening membership applications 

Research and Publications subcommittee

Convenor: Dr. Neranga Liyanarachchi (Editor) Research and publications subcommittee coordinate MSc and MD research activities to ensure that they are aligned with the National Digital Health Enterprise Architecture. The subcommittee supports trainees to carry out effective research activities that are beneficial to both the student as well as the Sri Lankan healthcare system.¬† The Research […]

Education and Curriculum development subcommittee

Convenor: Dr. Kaushalya Mendis (Assistant Secretary) The Education and curriculum development subcommittee is tasked with the development of the MSc and MD curriculum in collaboration with the PGIM. They ensure that the curriculum is kept updated with the latest developments in the Digital Health sphere and caters to what is expected of a professional in […]