Sri Lanka College Of Health Informatics

Established in 2021

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Sri Lanka College of Health Informatics (SLCHI) is the apex professional body for digital health, representing a unique blend of health informatics practitioners in Sri Lanka. As the leading member of the Sri Lankan Health Informatics community, its purpose is to keep abreast with the most advanced developments in digital health and help disseminate its expertise throughout Sri Lanka with its extensive network of members. The membership consists of Specialists and Medical Officers qualified in Health Informatics. Its’ vision is to become the main gathering point for the Health Informaticians of the country to further enhance their professional knowledge while supporting Sri Lanka’s National Digital Health policy and strategy.

SLCHI was established on 22nd May 2021 with 42 potential members unanimously adopting the Articles of Association of the organization. They also nominated an Election Committee setting the election of the Council of the Sri Lanka College of Health Informatics in motion. The first Council was elected uncontested.

The College was incorporated as a Company Limited by Guarantee under Section 34 of the Companies Act No. 7 of 2007 on 24th Aug 2022. The Company registration number is GA00262038.



The vision of the College is a safe and quality health system, empowered by appropriate and collaborative practice of health informatics.


The mission of the College is to empower health professionals to provide evidence-based, safe, and quality universal healthcare through education, advocacy, and practice of appropriate and collaborative health informatics. 


The principles in action are as below:

  1. Facilitate evidence-based, people-centered health informatic interventions
  2. Facilitate cost-effective innovations
  3. Facilitate universal health coverage
  4. Advocate and follow the principles in digital development
  5. Advocate and ensure ethical conduct and integrity
  6. Encourage consensual decision making
  7. Facilitate inter-professional and inter-sectoral collaboration
  8. Ascertain professional equity and inclusiveness
  9. Advocate health information security, privacy, and confidentiality                      


The objects of the College shall be:

  1.  to promote the advancement of knowledge, skills and values in the field of Health Informatics for the benefit of the public
  2. to promote intersectoral collaboration in the field of Health Informatics
  3. to foster fellowship among the professionals in the field of Health Informatics
  4. to facilitate streamlining and standardisation of Health Information Systems
  5. to promote use of data and information for evidence-based decision making in healthcare
  6. to foster highest standards of ethics among professionals in the field of Health Informatics